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Digital assets: Portfolios beyond baskets and indices

Digital assets: Portfolios beyond baskets and indices

In case you missed our webinar 'Digital assets: Portfolios beyond baskets and indices'

Investors are increasingly interested in adding digital assets to their portfolios. In this webinar, we show you how to build portfolios with digital assets to meet your investors' expectations.

During this webinar, our in-house experts Maarten Wyns and Mathieu Hardy explore how to build crypto portfolios that go beyond indexing and baskets and offer your clients the advice they are looking for. They:

  • present a high-level view of the current landscape of the offering when it comes to crypto portfolios and where they fall short in meeting investor expectations;
  • explain how our proprietary, fourth generation measure of risk, iVaR, addresses the shortcomings of traditional risk measures and how drawdown-based portfolio construction is useful for crypto;
  • provide evidence of the approach via real-life examples, a live demo, and different backtests.

You can download the slide deck here, but you can also watch the recording.

Recording webinar

If you want to fast forward to a specific topic:

  • Introduction
  • Why crypto assets? - 04:18
  • Digital assets and weights - 09:28
  • Backtests: The proof is in the backtesting - 26:16