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Cookie Policy

We want your visit to our website to be as impressive as our service. To optimise your experience, we may use cookies and similar techniques. For the purpose of data protection, we will let you know how we use cookies on this site and how you can deactivate them if you wish, despite their advantages.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small (temporary) text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit our site. These cookies allow the website to mark your device and recognise it when you surf through the various sections of the site (and possibly at a later visit) so that, for example, you do not have to type in your password for every page that you visit. Cookies may also be used for marketing purposes.

You can find more information about how cookies work on the external website All about cookies.

Digital cookies also have sell-by dates - exactly how long cookies are valid for depends on how they were programmed when they were created.

What cookies does InvestSuite use and why?

Functional cookies

These cookies help us to ensure that you enjoy maximum user-friendliness. These cookies ensure that you will not have to fill in a form again when you reload a page and that you can view our YouTube videos. Functional cookies are cookies that fall outside the scope of the cookie law thus there is no specific consent required.

Analytical cookies

Cookies with regards to website analytics are used on InvestSuiteā€™s website and subject to our Privacy policy:

  • We are using analytics cookies.
  • We have enabled IP anonymization/masking.
  • We have disabled data sharing.

Accepting cookies

The use of cookies is generally accepted and virtually all websites and applications use them. InvestSuite's website uses only cookies - both functional and analytical - that do not require any cookie consent.

Changing or disabling cookies

In general if you do not want us to use cookies, you can easily disable them.

You can also manage the cookies that we and our partners use via these websites: Your online choices Your ad choices

Respect for privacy

Under no circumstances can our cookies link you as an individual to a surname and/or first name. You will find more details about the processing of your personal data in our Privacy policy.

Questions and updates

We will need to amend these statements from time to time, for example because our website or the rules governing cookies change. We may change the contents of the statements and the cookies listed at any time and without prior warning. You can consult this web page for the latest version.