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Solutions for online brokers Solutions for online brokers

Innovative solutions for online brokers to enhance your platform and revolutionise your reporting.

Solutions for online brokers

Online brokers were amongst the first fintech pioneers.
They have always embraced change and technology to remain competitive.

Our InvestTech solutions can help you stay ahead as front-runners in the industry.

Enhance your platform with Insight APIs

  • Guide and inspire your users in their investment decisions with our suite of API-enabled solutions.
  • Enhance your platform with innovative features that are easy to use and actionable.

Revolutionise your reporting with StoryTeller

  • Engage and activate your customers with automatically generated, highly insightful performance stories on their individual investment portfolios.
  • Offer on-demand, hyper-personalised and narrative-based reports on investment performance.

Differentiate your revenue streams with Robo Advisor

  • Cross-sell to existing customers and attract a new segment of client with a low-cost automated and easy-to-use investing service.
  • Cater to customers who want to start early in life with no experience and those with a focus on long-term investing.

Expand your reach with Self Investor

Supplement your semi-professional trading platform with our user-friendly entry-level investment platform to remove the entry-barrier for client acquisition and create a step-up for future upgrades.

Our suite of white-label InvestTech solutions:

Would you like to know what our suite of B2B InvestTech solutions can do for you and your customers?

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At InvestSuite, we help financial institutions accelerate their digital wealth transformation journey and launch the most engaging investing experiences for their customers.

With our suite of white-label InvestTech solutions, we help our clients extend their product range in an agile, fast and cost-effective way so that they can stay ahead of the curve and thrive in this increasingly digital world.

InvestSuite is a place where bankers, creative designers, imagineers, computer and behavioural scientist work together to create user experiences that open up new markets and drive commercial success for our clients.

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