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Investment Decision Support Investment Decision Support

Investment Decision Support

A suite of API-enabled solutions to guide wealth customers in their investment decisions.

These Insight APIs guide and inspire wealth customers in their investment decisions.

Ideas list

Themes API - Thematic lists for smart grouping of securities.

Themes API groups and curates relevant stocks, ETFs and funds according to specific investment themes and subthemes, such as 5G revolution and solar technology. It helps to give investors insight into the most powerful themes that are shaping the world.

Inspiration API - Inspire with fresh investment ideas.

Inspiration API provides inspiration for investors, stimulating new ideas based on curated lists. The suggestions are automated, built upon predefined investment criteria, using our Smart Search API.

Smart Search API - Search for instruments on a wide range of criteria.

Smart Search API provides retail investors with a quick search for instruments based on a complex filter covering a wide range of criteria, such as our X-ray factors. It allows investors and traders to define their own dynamic strategies, leading to increased interaction and trading.

Descriptive Information

X-Ray API - Transforms data into actionable insights.

X-Ray API scores stocks on 8 understandable dimensions: valuation, growth, momentum, stability, financial health, profitability, sentiment and ESG. It allows users, even with little financial background, to intuitively grasp key metrics of an instrument.

Logos API - Global brand logos repository.

Our Logos API provides access to scalable logos for the 12,000 largest companies in the world.

ID Card API - Snapshot of relevant security data.

ID Card API provides a range of different data points for a security. The information is shown in a comprehensive and intuitive summary. It is available for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. It can be used to augment information shown to investors and traders.

Broader Indicators

Economic Dashboard API - Elegantly communicates key economic data.

Economic Dashboard API is a ‘market barometer’ that provides insights into a wide range of economic indicators for specific regions: economic activity, employment, inflation, and more. These indicators can even be plotted onto geographic maps.

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