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How we work

This is how we work.

Our process makes integrating our wealthtech products into an existing ICT infrastructure seamless – allowing fast time to market with significantly lower investment and operational costs.

Given that most of our solutions are strategic in nature, our approach is designed with the agility to be adjusted and refined as a business grows. Partnering with management consultants, project managers/consultants and core banking platform providers, we can also operate in multiple geographical locations.

Our Phased approach

Our Phased approach

Our Phased approach

01. Intake

We typically start with no-obligation intake conversations with senior business stakeholders and the Heads of Digital/ICT and/or Innovation/Strategy. If there is a desire to take things further, we can then conduct between one and three workshops to delve deeper into understanding the specific needs and how our solutions could be beneficial. At this stage, there are no costs involved for the client.

02. Design

After the workshops we will start to engage in the design phase. This can vary in time, ranging from almost immediate to around three months. The result typically includes a Target Operating Model, a Target Architecture Model, the required Parametrisations and an Implementation Roadmap – as well as a concrete pricing and servicing proposal.

03. Set up and implementation

The next phase is the actual implementation. Time-wise this can literally take only a few days (in case of our Portfolio Optimizer product) or up to nine months depending upon the required ICT implementation.

Depending upon the size of our clients we can move fast with a standardised solution. But we can also engage in co-creation and go beyond an ‘off-the shelve’ approach. This allows unique differentiation but still benefits from existing building blocks to move rapidly.

Through our strategic intent of (a) partnering with management consultants, your own project managers and/or your consultants, and (b) core banking platform providers, we are able to operate in multiple geographical locations and combine the expertise and speed of a smaller organisation with the proven capabilities of larger players and implementers.

Much more than an off-the-shelf product

While a fast, off-the-shelf solution might suit some clients, we can also co-create a solution to offer more differentiation. This will still leverage a solution’s existing scalable building blocks existing building blocks to enable a fast time to market.

Let's talk

At InvestSuite, we believe the combination of changing customer expectations, technological evolutions and the emerging new ecosystem of financial institutions, fintechs, core banking platform providers and others is creating enormous growth opportunities.

With our suite of white-label solutions we help financial companies extend their product range with next-generation tools, in an agile, fast and cost-effective way. We are a pure B2B wealthtech company with a team of seasoned experts who operate across AI/machine learning, design, human insights and wealth management.

Our shared goal is to create user experiences that open up new markets and drive commercial success for our clients.