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StoryTeller for Fund Fact Sheets StoryTeller for Fund Fact Sheets

StoryTeller for Fund Fact Sheets

A human story on the how and why of your fund’s financial and sustainability performance.

StoryTeller can calculate a period return for the fund and its benchmark and display general fund information

StoryTeller takes into account the ESMA Guidelines on marketing communications for cross-border fund distribution.

The contribution to SDGs can be made more tangible with a selected ESG data metric to evaluate the performance of the companies within the fund to those of the benchmark.

StoryTeller is able to report on exposure to investment themes and, thereby, the fund’s contribution to SDGs with relevant and tangible insights.

A full performance attribution story can be included when a high level of detail is required.

StoryTeller is underpinned by an in-house built performance attribution engine to derive insights on performance contributors and detractors.

StoryTeller has full look-through capabilities.

StoryTeller has a news retrieval engine, trained to retrieve and summarise the most relevant news article to explain the impact of a given performance factor.

StoryTeller reports can be generated in a print-friendly PDF, app-responsive or even video format.

Want to give your customers a human story on the how and why of their fund's financial and sustainability performance?

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