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A worldwide ‘first’ new way of ‘telling the story’ of retail clients' portfolio performance.

Explaining historical performance of an investment portfolio in understandable language to retail investors.

Many retail investors receive almost no information about the reasons for the performance of their investment portfolio.

When they do, it is usually either unintuitive (tables with numbers) or just a high level macro-economic explanation with an unclear link to the actual investments.

Additionally, advisors also experience difficulties in pinpointing the exact reason for an investment portfolio’s performance and as a result can’t always explain it in a comprehensive way.

StoryTeller helps to explain portfolio performance in an understandable way to retail investors. It provides an in-depth view of the returns over a chosen time period and illustrates events that have impacted the performance and to what degree. All the relevant information is shown in an intuitive white-label solution, combining strong visuals with human storytelling.
StoryTeller can either support the advisor in his meetings with customers or can be used by customers directly to better understand their portfolio’s performance.

By automating the reporting and analysis of portfolio performance, time of analysts and client portfolio managers is freed up.

Increase customer satisfaction, financial knowledge and trust through increased information and engagement:

The algorithmic framework.

The algorithmic framework

The in-house developed framework is at the core of InvestSuite StoryTeller and is built around five modules.

1. The regime detection algorithm

Divides the chosen time period into different relevant subperiods (for example a stable period and a more volatile one). This allows for a coherent explanation of the portfolio return performance in each subperiod.

2. A performance decomposition algorithm

Analyses which elements have contributed to the return of an investment portfolio. Examples are the broad equity market, macro-economic factors such as economic growth, interest rates, currency movements and oil prices, sector effects and individual company performance.

3. The contributor selection algorithm

Based on the performance decomposition output, the contributor selection algorithm analyses what the most important contributors are and aggregates the effects of the smaller ones, such that the bulk of the portfolio return can be explained by a limited number of contributors.

4. The news selection and aggregation algorithm

Searches all available financial news for the underlying story behind the most important contributors to portfolio performance. It summarises the stories and provides links to longer articles for those who are interested in more information.

5. A visualisation algorithm

Displays the output from the other 4 modules in intuitive way, combining strong visuals with human storytelling. This allows your end customer to understand the performance of his portfolio and contributes to his financial knowledge.

Build your own most lovable product

StoryTeller allows an easy integration in a financial institution’s own platform through APIs. StoryTeller is available as an integrated or a standalone cloud-based application and it is consistent with proprietary performance calculations and allows a high degree of customisation (front-end) and parametrisation (back-end).

Build your own most lovable product

Easy to integrate front end

Configure the user flow tailored to fit the specific requirements of your customers and value proposition

Fully customisable, intuitive design, copy and image library that aligns with your brand

Distribute the portfolio report via different channels: i.e. in digital investing environment, via email, pdf, voice, video, …

Offer on-demand consultation whenever and wherever your customer chooses

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