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On-demand, hyper-personalised and narrative-based portfolio performance reporting.

StoryTeller revolutionises investment communications by automating the ancient art of storytelling.

Many retail investors receive little to no information about the reasons for the performance of their investment portfolio. When they do, it is usually unintuitive and not very insightful.

But portfolio reporting is a crucial touchpoint in the customer journey of wealth clients. Therefore, we transform it into a 21st-century experience via our StoryTeller solution. StoryTeller leverages both technology and storytelling techniques to revolutionise investment portfolio reporting.

StoryTeller is an API-based solution which, based on minimal input data requirements, allows financial institutions to automatically generate narrative-based reports that explain the how and why of the performance of their clients' investments.

StoryTeller is a white-label solution, that can be configured according to:

  • your brand and style guidelines
  • your wishes with regard to the type of content, insights, and level of detail
  • your language and tone-of-voice requirements

Use cases

StoryTeller for Fund Fact Sheets

A human story on the how and why of your fund’s financial and sustainability performance.

StoryTeller for Portfolio Reporting

Engage your customers with a story on the how and why of their portfolio’s financial and sustainability performance.

All it takes is a simple API call. StoryTeller takes care of the rest, fully autonomously.

Send a request to the StoryTeller API

The API has minimum input data requirements and allows you to parametrise the requested report.

StoryTeller retrieves financial data on the instruments in the fund or portfolio

We have connections to Morningstar and Refinitiv to retrieve financial data on individual instruments (price, composition, classification, ESG…). StoryTeller can also connect to InvestSuite’s Custom Data service to which you can post your custom data in a more timely and accurate manner.

StoryTeller calculates insights

Via in-house built algorithms, StoryTeller calculates insights on returns, performance attribution, exposures, transactions, SDG contributions, ESG data metrics, news article retrieval and summarisation (AI & ML), performance simulations, risks…

StoryTeller creates a data-driven story

Insights are generated as data variables. These variables are used within a large scenario-based text template database to generate a data-driven story. StoryTeller’s white-label text database can be validated by your Compliance teams and configured to your tone-of-voice.

StoryTeller stores the output on your side

The story can be created in both a print-friendly and an app-responsive format to create an interactive experience within your native banking applications.

StoryTeller brings unparalleled insights, putting a smile on investors' faces via its engaging and personalised content. It speaks to their hearts and minds.

Are you ready to offer your customers highly insightful and narrative-based performance reports?

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