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Launch the most engaging investing experiences for your customers.

Our solutions

We offer a suite of white-label B2B InvestTech solutions.

In today's complex world of wealth management, innovation can offer tremendous opportunities, but high development costs and limited expertise can make it hard to keep up. Our B2B InvestTech solutions are a cost-effective way to offer an engaging investment experience to your customers, with a faster time to market.

Our suite of solutions
  • Portfolio construction
  • Investment insights & reporting
  • Investment platforms

Portfolio construction

A cloud-based portfolio construction framework that allows customisation at scale.

Portfolio construction

Investment insights & reporting

Augment your platform with unique insights and hyper-personalised reporting.

Investment insights & reporting

Investment platforms

Launch your own robo advisor or online investment platform in months rather than years.

Investment platforms

Key benefits.

Fast time to market

Enhance your digital offering and significantly reduce time-to-market compared to building a proprietary solution from scratch.

Cost efficient

Replace a large one-off capital expenditure with an operating expense, freeing up capital.

Technological expertise

Developing cutting-edge wealth management solutions requires diverse skill sets. We give you access to the finest R&D experts, quants, AI specialists, designers and more. No need to build an in-house team of experts to have continuous access to in-depth expertise and continuous innovation.

Would you like to discover what our B2B InvestTech solutions can do for you and your customers?

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At InvestSuite, we help financial institutions accelerate their digital wealth transformation journey and launch the most engaging investing experiences for their customers.

With our suite of white-label InvestTech solutions, we help our clients extend their product range in an agile, fast and cost-effective way so that they can stay ahead of the curve and thrive in this increasingly digital world.

InvestSuite is a place where bankers, creative designers, imagineers, computer and behavioural scientist work together to create user experiences that open up new markets and drive commercial success for our clients.

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