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Robo Advisor Robo Advisor

Robo Advisor

The white-label Robo Advisor that lets you win the mass investor.

Hyper-personalised and purposeful investing for the mass market.

Increasing numbers of investors seek low-cost access to investment services - to convert savings into investments or to manage their wealth. They look for automated digital tools that offer a guided but personalised and purposeful investing experience. The question is, how can such a mass of investors be served at scale?

Robo Advisor - Our white-label and highly configurable automated B2B investment platform - provides goal-based investing with hyper-personalised and purposeful portfolios. The portfolio construction engine is powered by sophisticated algorithms that incorporate the investor’s investment preferences and risk profile. The scalable solution masters the construction and rebalancing of a large number of individual portfolios.

A turn-key solution that gets you to market in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of an in-house build.

The white-label B2B robo advisor that helps you win the mass investor.

Grow AUM

Appeal to a wider range of investors with different needs and preferences, and capitalise on the growing demand for automated investing. Attract new customer segments and retain loyal clients, ultimately growing your AUM.

Save costs and increase efficiency

Highly scalable algorithm-based automation of portfolios delivers hyperpersonalisation at scale to customers across the wealth curve (retail, mass affluent and High Net Worth) and drives down your operational cost. Serve investors at scale more quickly, more accurately and more efficiently.

Enhance existing services

Complement your existing advisory services with automated investments. Offer convenience: a digital investment platform that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere - on mobile and web.


Apply different service levels of advice and differentiate your investment service between segments. Monitor the performance of automated portfolios and follow up on clients through the automated investment process.

Launch your own Robo Advisor

Launch your own Robo Advisor

Launch your own Robo Advisor product image Launch your own Robo Advisor product image Launch your own Robo Advisor product image


Built into the white-label front-end is an intuitive onboarding experience with powerful re-engagement functionalities. Through personas, customers can first explore the automated investing experience. Virtual Portfolios re-engage the investors that have passed the risk profiler but are not yet ready to invest, allowing them to follow up on a real-time virtual portfolio as if their money was invested for real. Easy to fund later on and thus convert into a real invested portfolio.

Set goals, assess preferences and risk tolerance

A dynamic and intuitive step-by-step journey guides investors to set financial goals and saving objectives - assessing their position on the risk spectrum, as well as understanding their specific personal preferences.

An individual proposal: a personalised portfolio, dynamically rebalanced

Create personalised investment portfolio proposals - per investor and per investor goal - in line with preferences and risk profile. All portfolios are dynamically rebalanced to ensure compliance with the defined investment policy.

UX, behavioural design, insights and transparency at the core

A “humanised” Robo Advisor leveraged by easy but sophisticated user experience provides guidance and encourages responsible investment behaviours. It offers the functionality to invest more or withdraw at any time, and easily manages monthly or one-off contributions. Display projections of potential future performance and returns. Provide details on rebalancing reasons, portfolio composition and offer transparency on costs.

Want to launch your own robo advisory solution in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of an in-house build?

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