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Future of Wealth Event - Insights

Future of Wealth Event - Insights

Yesterday, our colleague Mathieu took part in a panel discussion at the Leaders in Finance - Future of Wealth Event in Utrecht.

Leaders in Finance - Future of Wealth is an event that brings together -financial- professionals in the Wealth Management and Private Banking space to share knowledge and exchange best practices. It took place in Utrecht (the Netherlands) on the 7th of March 2024.

We were invited to join a panel discussion on how technology will change wealth management. Our colleague Mathieu travelled to Utrecht to share his insights on the topic.

In various discussions throughout the event, Mathieu noticed a recurring theme: the opposition between digital and personal in wealth management.

For us at InvestSuite, this debate isn't a dichotomy but rather a dynamic interplay. We strongly believe in a hybrid model, which is why we offer tools that empower bankers and wealth/asset managers:

  • Portfolio Optimizer: a portfolio construction framework that allows cost-effective customisation at scale
  • StoryTeller: for on-demand, hyper-personalised and narrative-based performance reporting
  • Insight APIs: a suite of API-enabled solutions to guide wealth customers in their investment decisions and bring portfolio reporting to life.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to know how our suite of InvestTech solutions can help you launch the most engaging investing experiences for your customers.