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Meet Nick Wood, Managing Director Middle East & Africa

Meet Nick Wood, Managing Director Middle East & Africa

Last week, Nick Wood joined InvestSuite as Managing Director Middle East and Africa. In this short interview, you discover more about Nick and the motivations that led him to choose InvestSuite, and join him as he reflects on his first few days and looks forward to an exciting future together.

Why InvestSuite?

I’m coming from one of InvestSuite’s close competitors. When it was forced to close, InvestSuite was among my top choices. I’ve already met some people on previous events and the chemistry was there. I already knew and respected the organisation.

One of the factors why I chose InvestSuite was their ability to move quickly. The second reason I chose InvestSuite is their impressive product range and credibility. Another key advantage for me was that InvestSuite has one of the top banks in Saudi Arabia which is one of my main markets.

Looking back on the first few days.

Since joining InvestSuite, the company culture has stood out to me. The level of professionalism, experience, and expertise among the team members is unparalleled.

Looking forward.

Looking ahead, my focus for the upcoming year is leveraging existing clients and prospects, particularly in the Middle East and South Africa. I'm excited to introduce new products like StoryTeller and explore opportunities for expansion. InvestSuite's diverse product range offers multiple engagement points with clients beyond just Robo Advisory. Cost is a consideration, but clients in the Middle East have realised that opting for the cheapest option may not be the best in the long run.

One valuable lesson I bring to InvestSuite is my familiarity with the Middle East and Africa, having sold Wealth tech in these regions for the past six years. My 40 years of sales experience also bring insights into relationship-building, patience, and cultural adaptation.

It's an exciting time for me, and I'm thrilled to contribute to InvestSuite’s growth and success. I believe my experience and insights will play a significant role in navigating the challenges and seizing opportunities in the market.