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The Future of Better Investment Experiences

The Future of Better Investment Experiences

In case you missed our webinar 'The Future of Better Investment Experiences'

On the 22nd of March, we hosted a joint webinar with Franklin Templeton, where we explored the future of better investment experiences.

During this insightful panel interview, two industry experts explored the intersection of AI and human expertise in goal-based investing. Sven Moons, our Customer Insights Expert and author of our trilogy of white papers on goal-based investing, shared insights from our latest research on the human experience of goal setting in investing. Meanwhile, Christophe Vande Walle, Digital Solutions Specialist EMEA at Franklin Templeton, commented on Sven's findings from the perspective of asset management and offer strategies for creating compelling digital wealth solutions for end investors.

The panel was moderated by Robert Crossley, Vice President of Industry Advisory Services at Franklin Templeton.

You can download a summary of the insights of this webinar here, but you can also watch the recording.

Recording webinar

If you want to fast forward to a specific topic:

  • Introduction
  • Creating better investment experiences - 0:39
  • Bold statement: The future is AI-driven goal-based investing - 4:48
  • Conditions for successful goal-based investing - 10:46
    • Set real goals - 11:09
    • Support and coach by optimising the goal pursuit journey - 16:50
    • Efficiently track goals - 22:35