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Strengthen and grow a traditional business model with digital wealth management.

Solutions for private banks & wealth managers
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Most wealth managers are proud of their existing investment approach and expertise. Yet costs and margins are under severe downwards pressure, which is driving the industry-wide challenge to systematically transform and modernise existing business models to remain profitable.

New clients – younger people that might inherit family assets for example – have different expectations of the service they receive. They are increasingly demanding and expect to be able to find information about their investments in a fully digital way. So how do private banks and wealth managers develop digital solutions to retain these clients, while avoiding excessive investment in proprietary systems and keeping up that crucial element of personal service?

InvestSuite’s range of digital tools has been designed to help private wealth firms to build on existing expertise and processes, and deliver the next-generation services that will help set them apart.

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Self Investor

Self Investor is a next-generation, intuitive and user-friendly online trading platform that helps wealth managers and private banks stay ahead of the competition.

It enables clients to manage a part of their portfolio in a self-execution setup. It allows them to research and trade investments themselves for that part of their portfolio, while the private banker/relationship manager gets automatically informed, providing touch point opportunities.

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Self Investor Self Investor


Make time-consuming performance reporting a thing of the ­­­­past.

Story Teller helps wealth managers calculate and report investment performance to end investors in a fully personalised way, using relatable, understandable language. It analyses the drivers of investment performance thanks to state-of-the-art performance attribution and news aggregation algorithms and outputs the results in an intuitive, fully personalised and automatically generated report.

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Robo Advisor

Our Robo Advisor is designed as a customisable and low-cost digital wealth management service for retail clients.

It provides Mifid-compliant onboarding and risk profiling, along with portfolio reporting and rebalancing. It is fully customisable at the front end and can be used with your own or third-party funds. It even provides options for fully personalised portfolio construction.

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Robo Advisor Robo Advisor

Self Investor

A next-generation white-label execution-only platform for easy investing. Discover more

Story Teller

A worldwide ‘first’ new way of ‘telling the story’ of retail clients' portfolio performance. Discover more

Robo Advisor

A low-cost, customisable digital wealth management tool that converts dormant savings into profitable investment assets. Discover more

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At InvestSuite, we believe the combination of changing customer expectations, technological evolutions and the emerging new ecosystem of financial institutions, fintechs, core banking platform providers and others is creating enormous growth opportunities.

With our suite of white-label solutions we help financial companies extend their product range with next-generation tools, in an agile, fast and cost-effective way. We are a pure B2B wealthtech company with a team of seasoned experts who operate across AI/machine learning, design, human insights and wealth management.

Our shared goal is to create user experiences that open up new markets and drive commercial success for our clients.