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Pension Funds & Insurance Companies

More accurately evaluate investment manager performance and increase client engagement.

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Evaluating your investment managers is not always straightforward. Traditional investment benchmarks are often not investable, for example due to liquidity or concentration issues. Furthermore, your internal investment policy may be very specific and not have a corresponding benchmark available.

Even in today’s digital age, retail investors only have limited tools at their disposal to properly monitor the performance of their pension fund or life insurance investments. Improving interaction and understanding can increase customer satisfaction and encourage retail investors to save more.

Investsuite’s range of intelligent, next-generation digital tools has been designed to help pension funds and insurance companies turn these challenges into new opportunities.

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Portfolio Optimizer

Portfolio Optimizer consists of a range of quantitative tools that can be used by pension funds and insurers to increase their efficiency and reduce costs.

Our Challenger tool for example allows you to build intelligent risk-based benchmarks that are investable and fully consistent with your investment policy. These benchmarks can then be used to evaluate your investment managers or even to directly invest in.

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Portfolio Optimizer


Story Teller helps pension funds and insurers explain investment performance to their end clients in a fully personalised way, using relatable, understandable language.

It analyses the drivers of investment performance thanks to state-of-the-art performance attribution and news aggregation algorithms and outputs the results in an intuitive, automatically generated report.

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Portfolio Optimizer

The next-generation quant tools that provide cost-effective solutions for more efficient portfolio management. Discover more

Story Teller

A worldwide ‘first’ new way of ‘telling the story’ of retail clients' portfolio performance. Discover more

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At InvestSuite, we believe the combination of changing customer expectations, technological evolutions and the emerging new ecosystem of financial institutions, fintechs, core banking platform providers and others is creating enormous growth opportunities.

With our suite of white-label solutions we help financial companies extend their product range with next-generation tools, in an agile, fast and cost-effective way. We are a pure B2B wealthtech company with a team of seasoned experts who operate across AI/machine learning, design, human insights and wealth management.

Our shared goal is to create user experiences that open up new markets and drive commercial success for our clients.