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Challenger Banks

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Solutions for challenger banks
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Up to now, most challenger banks have mainly been focusing on payment and financial planning solutions. While this is a great way of gathering customers, the profitability of these services is generally low.

A logical next step is for challenger banks to consider distributing investment products as a source of additional income. However, developing proprietary investment solutions is very time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, many challenger banks lack the investment know-how to build state-of-the-art solutions themselves.

InvestSuite provides a wide range of white-label, intuitive digital investment tools that are easy to integrate with your existing systems and are specifically targeted at less experienced retail investors. They can help you open up new revenue streams in a matter of months, instead of years.

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Self Investor

Self Investor is a next-generation, intuitive and easy to use digital trading platform.

It enables both first-time and more experienced investors to gather sufficient information and guidance to be able to manage their investment portfolios themselves.

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Self Investor Self Investor

Robo Advisor

Robo Advisor is an automated, easy-to-use investment service.

It combines intuitive UX/UI and regulatory compliant onboarding with state-of-the-art portfolio construction, reporting and rebalancing. It is an API-based, multi-device solution, designed for seamless integration into core banking/back-end systems. The service can be used in an advisory or discretionary setting.

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Robo Advisor Robo Advisor


Story Teller explains investment performance to end investors in a fully personalised way, using relatable, understandable language.

It analyses the drivers of investment performance thanks to state-of-the-art performance attribution and news aggregation algorithms and outputs the results in an intuitive, fully personalised and automatically generated report.

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Self Investor

A white-label execution-only platform for easy investing. Discover more

Robo Advisor

A highly configurable automated investing platform that delivers hyper-personalised portfolios for goal-based investing. Discover more


On-demand, hyper-personalised and narrative-based portfolio performance reporting. Discover more

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At InvestSuite, we help financial institutions accelerate their digital wealth transformation journey and launch the most engaging investing experiences for their customers.

With our suite of white-label InvestTech solutions, we help our clients extend their product range in an agile, fast and cost-effective way so that they can stay ahead of the curve and thrive in this increasingly digital world.

InvestSuite is a place where bankers, creative designers, imagineers, computer and behavioural scientist work together to create user experiences that open up new markets and drive commercial success for our clients.

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