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The world’s first automated quant trading for crypto assets

The world’s first automated quant trading for crypto assets

InvestSuite is delighted to announce a collaboration with Digital Ledger OÜ, a leading European blockchain company.

For the launch of their OSOM Crypto Autopilot, an AI-powered trading algorithm, they will be relying on the technology of InvestSuite’s Portfolio Optimizer to build optimally diversified crypto asset portfolios in a fully automated way. This marks the first time our state-of-the-art portfolio construction technology is being applied to crypto asset portfolios.

Apart from relying on our portfolio construction technology, the crypto asset universe is also thoroughly screened based on the quality, market cap as well as trading value, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Before launching the service, the methodology was extensively tested and has been run live for 6 months on a portfolio of seed money. Over this 6-month period, an annualised outperformance of 56% vs Bitcoin was observed.

The Crypto Autopilot is currently in closed Beta stage, and a waiting list is in place. If interested to test it out, you can request an invite here.