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Looking back and forward with Philip Husi

Looking back and forward with Philip Husi

Last year in June, Philip joined InvestSuite as Managing Director DACH. At the beginning of this new year, we look back and forward together .

Why InvestSuite?

With 27 years of experience in banking and a deep interest in technology, I was searching for client-engaging solutions that went beyond traditional banking. After exploring numerous FinTechs and Wealthtechs in Switzerland, I accidentally stumbled upon InvestSuite on LinkedIn. The solutions InvestSuite offers align perfectly with my vision so I decided to contact Bart, the CEO.

Before I started to work here, I’ve observed InvestSuite from an external perspective while staying in touch with Bart. Joining the company later on was truly a transformative experience, surpassing my initial impressions. When you observe a company from an external standpoint, you begin to develop a distinct sense of its dynamics.

What struck me the most about InvestSuite is their unique DNA. The team's diversity, comprising bankers, designers, mathematicians, IT experts, and marketers, is truly remarkable. The comprehensive mix of talents, coupled with the evident passion the team shares, stood out to me.

The most unique part about working here.

Definitely the entrepreneurial freedom, independence, and diverse tasks, from client acquisition to marketing and events. I appreciate the unique combination of responsibilities, providing a broader and enriching experience.

Recognising the demand for InvestSuite's solutions in Switzerland, I’ve identified convincing banks to invest in technology as a significant challenge. They think in terms of costs and revenues. It’s my task to convince them that it’s beneficial for them in the long run.

Time, mindset change, and cultural shifts within banks are hurdles to overcome. The approach involves persistent engagement, showcasing benefits, and gradually transforming mindsets.

Looking back and forward.

Reflecting on 2023, gaining market attention and reaching out to potential clients were significant achievements.

The Zurich event, notably my highlight of 2023, proved to be a pivotal moment. The positive feedback received served as a motivating force in the right direction. It was an exclusive event, attended by key players in the financial industry, centered on Next-Gen Digital Wealth Management.

Looking ahead, my focus for the upcoming year revolves around nurturing profound client relationships, transforming connections into loyal clients, and ambitiously broadening the horizons of our clientele.

I’m enthusiastic about the journey ahead!