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Goal-based investing. Unpacked!

Goal-based investing. Unpacked!

In case you missed our latest webinar, you can find the recording of the webinar along with the presentation and all other relevant resources here.

Recording webinar

In this 50-minute webinar, we share our findings on the nature of investment goals, how investors plan to achieve them, the services and tools they want and how they intend to align their investments with their ethical beliefs.

Sven Moons - our Customer Insights Expert - and Dr. Klaus Harnack - cognitive scientist, social psychologist, and co-author of the book ‘The Trust Mandate - The behavioural science behind how asset managers really win and keep clients’ - present the most interesting results of our research among 4.700 retail investors in Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

If you want to fast forward to a specific topic:

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 5:40 - The Rubicon model of action phases
  • 17:15 - Setting investment goals - What motivates retail investors?
  • 25:30 - The implementation of goals and the intention-behaviour gap
  • 32:20 - The implementation intentions of retail investors
  • 40:30 - ESG - Sustainable investing
  • 45:03 - How we deal with these insights
  • 48:46 - Q&A

You can also download the presentation of the webinar or our 1st whitepaper on Goal-based investing, ‘The investor’s Rubicon: Setting investment goals’.

We have also created an interactive graph where you can see for yourself which investment goals and motivations are prioritized by different subsets of retail investors.